Off GridRooftop Solar System


Off-grid is the most widely recognized sort of solar power system with backup. It works in day and night both, during the day, the solar panel charges the battery and runs the home application such as Air Conditioners, Cooler, Television, and submarine siphon. Around evening time, when the sun isn't accessible, Inverter runs your home apparatuses utilizing the battery power.

In an off-grid solar-powered system, how much power you can run depends upon the power of Inverter and it’s efficiency, generally, all inverter comes with 80% efficiency. It is used to power larger homes, shops, and offices and can run smoothly for 8-10 hours. It is a powerful solar system and can easily support the running of fans, lights, television, refrigerator etc. but not a 2 ton AC.

Key Features

  • These self-sustainable systems can work independently and do not rely on the grid.
  • They generate enough power that can be stored and used at night or when the power grid is down.
  • These are ideal for remote areas where there is no power access from the grid.
  • Grid failures and shutdowns will not affect your power supply.



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