Green TurnSolar Electrical System

We offer optimized design solutions for solar PV systems. The solutions will be based on the data and information collected from the site survey and the client’s requirements. Shading analysis and other software simulation will be done if requested by the client to give him indicative data of performance prediction and power production. The ideal design of a system for households, commercial places, offices, etc. will be done by our experts based on demand. Simulations of systems are done using industry-recognized software such as PV-Syst.

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The solar energy sector is booming now in every part of the world. If you would like to enter into solar PV arena, join hands with Green Turn. We provide design consultancy, EPC services and on site performance evaluation services of PV systems.


The electricity produced by the on-grid system is routed to the grid from where it is used to run the various appliances.

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Off-grid systems work independently of the grid but have batteries that can store solar power generated by the system.

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It generates power in the same way as a common grid-tie solar system but uses special batteries to store energy.

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Solar Components And Other Products

GTS will assist in procuring solar modules, inverters, batteries, and other BoS at competitive prices. We have tie-ups with reputed module manufacturers like Sunpower, Vikram, EMMVEE, PV Power Tech, Jinko, Trina, etc. Thin-film modules can be sourced from the first solar or solar frontier for projects with at least 10 kW. Inverters can be sourced from both Indian and foreign manufacturers, based on the size, budget, and quality consciousness of the client.

GreenTurn believe in load reduction first and then going solar. Hence we also try to integrate energy-efficient equipment at the load side, so as to maximize the return on investment on renewable energy systems. So we are also providing super-efficient BLDC fans, LED lamps and inverter technology air conditioners, and other equipment along with solar PV systems.

Rooftop SolarSolution

We offer a variety of financing alternatives for our clients

Residential Solar System

Rooftop solar systems with minimal battery backup and reverse metering facilities can help the residential users to become ‘net zero energy’ houses.

Industrial Solar System

Lack of continuous and quality power supply is one of the major problems faced by small and medium scale industries.

Commercial Solar System

Most of the utility companies have kept the commercial electricity tariffs much higher than the residential, in order to cross-subsidize the residential segment.